Yamba Business Wins International Maritime Contract


Page MP Kevin Hogan says a new contract from Papua New Guinea shows the private sector is taking a real interest in Yamba’s marine precinct.

Yamba Welders has signed a two million dollar contract to build two new barges for a P-N-G operation.

The expansion of Yamba’s marine industry has been pushed by local, state and federal governments in recent years.

Mr Hogan says he is trying to encourage as many government contracts into the area as possible but the precinct is starting to gather its own momentum.

“The Clarence is a very special river, they don’t call it the mighty Clarence for nothing,” he said.

“There’s obviously businesses and industry around it that we can develop around it, and we have a couple there already.

“Anything we can do to support local industry and support local jobs, we’ll do.”

Mr Hogan says he is still looking to get more Federal Government agencies, including Defence, interested in the area.

“Well obviously the State Government have given them a contract to build some of their marine rescue vehicles,” he said.

“We’ve had the Defence Minister through as well, who obviously looks at navy vessels.

“So we’re certainly promoting our local businesses to federal government ministers.”
Source ABC

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