Wilsons Creek Residents Oppose Telstra Tower


A crowd of over 70 concerned Wilson Creek residents packed the local hall on Wednesday night to hear about and form opposition to Telstra’s plans for a 35 meter microwave tower in the bottom of the valley located at the exchange.

Several residences will be located in close proximity to the tower ‘and as such will be subjected to levels of microwave radiation scientifically proven to cause biological effects’ the meeting was told.

Geological stability of the site came into question as according to locals sink holes are known to appear in the road in front of the site after heavy rain.

Being an environmentally sensitive area the meeting heard from a recent report to UNESCO which detailed the decline and disappearance of birds, insects and animals in the vicinity of the Mt Nardi transmitters with the introduction of 3 and 4G.

Telstra has given no indication to residents that it has public liability insurance for damage or injury caused by electromagnetic radiation. The meeting was told that ‘it is known insurers won’t provide it’.

A Development Application is currently on exhibition (DA 102018.233.1).

Residents have asked for and received a two week extension to the exhibition period which now closes on July 4.

Many locals consider this to be one of the few habitable areas of the shire remaining for people to avoid microwave radiation, those present were urged to make strident opposition.

Source: Echonet

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