Sydney Weekender Films in Alstonville


Alstonville will be at the centre of television screens around the country when Sydney Weekender screens their latest film footage.

Sydney Weekender has just finished shooting at the House With No Steps for its next segment.

House with No Steps executive general manager businesses Brett Lacey said it was quite a surprise when he got the call from the Sydney Weekender research team looking to do a program on the iconic employer.

“It is fantastic that they want to feature this site in their program,” he said.

“I got the call a couple of Thursday’s ago and it is a real boon for this destination to be recognised with such high regard.

“While it shows both the business opportunities and the tourism potential of the area, it also shows the value of the individuals working in those businesses across the House with No Steps.

“The horticulture and hospitality business has shown itself to be effective and to have many social benefits.

Sydney Weekender presenter Mike Whitney said that he had been to the area many times in his 22 year career.

“I’ve done a lot of stories up here and have often driven past the House with No Steps but have never had the opportunity to see inside,” he said.

“It is a beautiful property.

“If the result of the business is that it helps a few people then that is a beautiful thing.”

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