Supermarket Vandalised Before Opening


The manager of a controversial new Woolworths at Mullumbimby says the supermarket has been targeted by vandals in recent days.
After years of debate, the doors of the supermarket opened this morning when a crowd of about 30 shoppers had gathered to mark the occasion.
The company says it’s employed 70 people and will source products from the north coast where possible.
Store manager, Wayne McInerney, says there have been recent attacks at the site.
“Yes that is correct, there’s been a little bit of graffiti and unfortunately there were some lights vandalised yesterday as well as late last week,” he said.
“But you know we’ve just dealt with that and moved on.
“The local community, which I’ve been involved in for a long time I’ve lived at Byron Bay since the early 80s, most people are really looking for ward to having this come to their community.
“I think it’ll be a good thing long term and we’re looking to work with the local community and support them,” Mr McInerney said.
The Mullumbimby Community Action Network chose not to protest at the opening.
Deborah Lilly was an outspoken critic of the project and says she won’t be shopping there.
“This really is the test for our community spirit,” she said.
“If we can carry on supporting our local businesses, family businesses, our farmers’ markets, local stuff so the money that we spend locally is multiplied within our community and it’s not sucked out to some unknown shareholders,” Ms Lilly said.

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