Superb Splendour


2019 Splendour Day 1 dawned sunny and bright as did Days 2 and 3. It was definitely warm enough to justify those summer dresses and shorts with bikini top combos, during the day anyway.

Splendour fashion, as always, is where anything goes and the crowd did not let us down with golden bikinis, leopard print, knitted 2 pieces and flowers to name a few. Not to mention the striped blankets fashioned into hooded tops that became increasingly fashionable as the sun went down each day and the temperature dropped.

Music, ‘cos that’s what we’re really here for isn’t it? Was fantastic, Friday highlights were Wolfmother, Dave, Hayden James, Meg Mac, Warpaint, Foals and Tame Impala.

Day 2 and Dean Lewis took us to sunset like a pro then a quick stop at the Champagne Bar for a breather before heading to Allday and Friends which was an awesome set. Ocean Alley took over the amphitheatre and took at least half of the 42,000 strong crowd with them, most packed I’ve ever seen it which caused a few logistical problems for the exits. Fortunately the crowd remained upbeat under challenging conditions.

Catfish and the Bottlemen, Courtney Barnett, The Streets and Childish Gambino were the picks of the evening, and of course a night is not complete without a visit to the Tipi Forest.

Day 3 was a pretty chilled out affair, beautiful sunshine and smooth grooves most of the day and evening. Cancellation of headliner Chance the Rapper meant What So Not attracted an even bigger crowd than normal and kicked it out of the park. Hill Top Hoods were a popular stand in for the amphitheatre and at 24 hours notice amazingly managed to put together a video and organise a massive line up of mates to join them on stage to close Splendour 2019 in style.

Transport changes this year meant that buses had easy entry and exit without the constant flow of cars for drop off and pick up clogging things up. Extra buses and lower fares made a huge difference to punters.

Cashless transactions may have confused some at first but in the main seemed to keep things running smoothly and kept the merch, food and bar queues moving.

Free water in every bar was great to see and also the crackdown on plastic made a big impact on their environmental footprint this year.

A truly Superb Splendour, what will 2020 have in store?

Photo: Mitch Lowe

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