Sugar to Fuel Supercars


CSR Sugar has secured a deal with V8 Supercar series racing body to supply an 85% ethanol fuel blend to all teams for the next 3 years. The first ethanol fuelled race will be held at the start of next year’s season.

Ian Glasson from CSR says the agreement will hopefully lead to general motorists using a 10% blend in their own cars.

“There is some hesitation at times for people to use ethanol,” he said.

“I think what this will do is help educate not only on the sort of elite motoring community, but that will sort of flow down to the average motorist and give them more confidence that E10 is a suitable blend.

“It’s all part of ultimately proving ethanol as a fuel in Australia and growing the amount of ethanol volume.

“So as we’re doing this expansion it’s good to have this market underpinning some of that growth, and hopefully it will also set the example for other fleets and maybe government users, councils, etcetera.”

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