Sugar Future Sweet


North coast cane growers are still expecting strong prices for their product, despite one of the biggest drops in 30 years for the price of sugar.

Last week, the price dropped dramatically within a few days.

The chief executive of the New South Wales Sugar Milling Co-operative, Chris Connors, says average crops in Brazil and production delays in India are some of the reasons for the fall.

But he says the prices have been at a record high and north coast farmers will still get good prices for their sugar at the end of the year.

Mr Connors says problems with overseas sugar supplies could benefit local growers in the near future

“There was a projection that there would be a surplus this year, not a big one, but it may not be there at all,” he said.

“Do not be surprised if the market responds to that. I think there is an opportunity for prices to move back up in the next month or two,” Mr Connors said.

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