'Snakeman' Deserves Government Support


Ballina MP, Don Page says the State Government’s failure to provide financial support for George Ellis, ‘The Snakeman’, after he has caught 5,050 snakes in the past decade is scandalous.

Almost half of these snakes have been the deadly eastern brown snake, prevalent in the Northern Rivers region.

“’The Snakeman’ is performing an invaluable service to our community and should get some State Government support. He has to rely on private donations, which means he’s always under financial hardship. He should at the very minimum get reimbursed for his phone and fuel costs,” Mr Page said.

On average George captures almost 2 snakes a day but in summer it’s much higher than that.

“’The Snakeman’ has saved many lives and saved the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of dollars in hospital costs, yet he gets no support from any Government body for the work he does – it’s wrong,” Mr Page concluded.

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