Sleepers Boost Grafton Jobs


New concrete railway sleepers will continue rolling out of Grafton thanks to the Rudd Labor Government’s $1.2 billion investment in the interstate rail network.
Rocla Sleepers’ Grafton factory is producing new dual gauge concrete sleepers – and as result of the Government’s unprecedented investment will continue to operate at full capacity until November. The factory employs around 60 locals.
Rocla Sleepers Manager Ric Lewtas explained how the investment by the Australian Government will boost their operations.
“The Nation Building injection by the Australian Government will allow Rocla to continue work at the Grafton factory. Prior to the Government’s announcement, there was the real possibility that work would dry up in Grafton. As of this month, it’s all systems go,” said Mr Lewtas.
“The announcement of further projects will also mean a boost to employment in Grafton. Not only through Rocla’s Grafton operations, but also the trickle down employment affect for many of our suppliers. This sort of knock-on employment is vital in regional areas.”

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