Simple Pleasures Success


Last years “Simple Pleasures” campaign has been followed up with a 2007- 2009 Simple Pleasures Marketing Strategy. This focuses on buy-local campaigns and initiatives targeting our simple pleasures tourism markets.

The Project Office and Visitor Information Centre, now operates 5 days a week. Work for the Dole participants and volunteers have produced an engine room for projects, as well as the visitor information service merchandising of Simple Pleasures and a base for the Chamber.

The fifth edition of the Business Card Directory for 2007-2008 is currently being put together.

The low entry cost means it includes almost every Brunswick business and 160 local businesses in and around Brunswick Heads. 5,500 copies are distributed to every household, holiday accommodation and shop in the local area.

A comprehensive Activities Directory of things to do and social groups, clubs and services for all age groups in and around Brunswick has been put together. We are currently looking at funding for the printing and distribution of 6,000 copies.

The Chamber’s six year effort to pull all the stakeholders together to get a skate park for the town’s youth off the ground, is finally paying off, with a start to the DA process looking imminent.

Businesses have also begun meeting for the ambitious task of developing a masterplan for the makeover of Tweed St, which was once the old highway.

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