Rural Village Organics Service Rolled Out to 1500 Residents


All rural village residents have now received a new green organics bin from Lismore City Council in preparation for the new rural village organics service starting on Monday, 1 June.

Residents of Nimbin, Clunes, Bexhill, The Channon, Dunoon, Modanville, Tullera, Caniaba, Wyrallah, North Woodburn and Richmond Hill have received their new green bin as well as a benchtop kitchen caddy, roll of compostable caddy liners, and a comprehensive information package.

Council anticipates that through the rural village organics expansion, 617 tonnes of organic waste will be diverted from landfill each year. This food and garden waste will be processed and sold as compost and mulch for local farms and gardens.

Council’s Waste and Water Education Officer Danielle Hanigan said the service is at no extra cost to residents who already pay for waste collection. Rural village residents will now have the three-bin service that has operated successfully in the urban areas of Lismore since 2006.

“We also want to let commercial properties know they have not been left out – we will consult commercial customers on an individual basis to determine their collection requirements,” Danielle said.

“We expect there may be a few small teething problems with the new service and we ask residents to please be patient during the initial rollout phase. We may have to change some pick-up times by an hour or two to facilitate the new collections runs, but no collection days will change unless you are directly notified by mail. This only affects a handful of people including those in Richmond Hill.”

Richmond Hill residents Kerry Gibson and Paris Hatzinicolaou said they were thrilled to receive their green bin to help them collect garden waste on their sizeable block.

“We have a hot compost down the back of the yard and a tumbler compost, but with one acre there is still too much for the compost and there’s plenty to place in the green bin such as woody branches and invasive weeds and creepers that we don’t want to spread in the yard,” Kerry said.
“We love the idea that Council will take it away and compost it,” Paris added. “We were also excited to hear Council will be selling compost in smaller bags in the future for backyard gardeners. We think the organics collection is an excellent service – we were very excited to get our green bin!”

The new green organics bins will be collected weekly, with waste and recycling collected on alternate fortnights.

The organics bin is for the disposal of all food and garden waste. This includes:

• Fruit and vegetable scraps.
• Meat, fish and bones (including prawn shells etc).
• Dairy, bread, pasta and rice.
• Lawn clippings, leaves, twigs and small branches.

The project is funded through the NSW Environmental Protection Authority’s Waste Less, Recycle More initiative and is an integral part of Lismore’s recycling revolution.

Should you have any questions about the organics service, phone Council on 1300 87 83 87 or visit .

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