Club Banora could move away from reliance on the gambling and alcohol industries, if the proposed rezoning of part of its grounds is approved.

The club is seeking to build a supermarket, specialty shops and a car park, which would require a rezoning from RE2 (private recreation) to B2 (local centre).

The proposed rezoning site, which is at the corner of the grounds nearest Leisure Dr and Banora Shopping Village, is currently used for car parking and about half of the club building.

Twin Towns General Manager Rob Smith said the proposal was part of the greater master plan for the club.
“It’s about diversifying the clubs’ interests,” Mr Smith said. “Something all clubs are doing is to move away from being fully reliant on gambling and alcohol.”

Mr Smith said the changes, if approved, would “reinvigorate” the club.

A previous proposal for a mixed retail and senior living development at the club was knocked back by the council, who cited flooding risks for residents.

“The initial consultations we have had indicated there will be demand for this rezoning,” Mr Smith said. “Historically, part of the issue was (the club) was struggling financially.”

He said the club had been performing so poorly, its operation was drawing funds out of the main club’s renovations and this was “just another step” in the “lengthy process” of dealing with rezoning.

Other changes on the club’s long-term master plan include a smaller club building, relocation of tennis courts and bowling greens, a sports club and changes to the existing car parking.

Source: Tweed Daily News

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