Residents sceptical about bypass funding promises


Alstonville residents say they are sceptical about money now being offered to build their long-awaited bypass, but happy to accept it.

Labor leader Kevin Rudd pledged $90 million for the project, in northern New South Wales, on Tuesday.

Yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister Mark Vaile matched that offer and promised to upgrade the intersection of the Bruxner and Pacific highways as well.

Bob Wilson from the Alstonville Bypass Committee says it is not the first time locals have been promised a bypass.

“Most of the people I have spoken to are very sceptical about Labor’s promise after being let down before,” he said.

“But we’ve still got to welcome this with open arms because as I said before, this is a road that needs to be built.

“If we can get either side to do it, by all means we’ll go ahead and welcome it.”

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