Rail Services Safe Says Page


The minister for the North Coast says the restructure of the state’s rail service administration won’t affect local passengers.

RailCorp is being split into two separate organisations.
Sydney Trains and NSW Trains will focus on the separate needs of metro and regional customers.

Don Page says a feasibility study on the return of services to the disused Casino-Murwillumbah line will go ahead as planned..

He says creating two separate rail bodies is good news for regional passengers.

“By separating CityRail from CountryLink enables the reform that necessary to happen in Sydney to take place without impacting on the country network,” Mr Page said.

“Indeed the benefit for the country network is that for the first time there’ll be a real focus on what can be done to improve the country network, particularly long-haul train journeys,” he said.

But the Byron Mayor, Jan Barham, says the move rings alarm bells.

“Announcements like this usually mean that there will be a loss of services,” she said.

“Not a good look… to be dividing the state between the city and the country like that when really it’s about people being able top move around NSW, and that’s what we want to see.”

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