Poker Tax Good for the Community


The State Opposition Leader says the Tweed district will thrive under the Coalition’s revamped poker-machine tax system.

Barry O’Farrell signed an agreement with Clubs NSW while touring the area yesterday.

The policy will cut poker machine taxes by $300-million over four years if clubs agree to contribute more to community organisations.

Mr O’Farrell says it is a more efficient way of distributing the money clubs make.

“Well it does make a difference because clubs and not-for-profits can spend a dollar far more effectively than state government can,” he said.

“If you want an example of that have a look at the disastrous BER (Building the Education Revolution) program where one school sector, the Catholic school sector, managed to get full value for money and at a state level we only managed to get 61 cents in the dollar going into buildings across our public schools,” Mr O’Farrell said.

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