Paralympic Gold Inspires Businesses of the Northern Rivers


Anyone lucky enough to attend one of EPIC Employment’s Business Breakfast Series was rewarded with a genuinely rare treat. Challenging, thought-provoking, moving, emotional and most of all inspiring, those in the room have surely shifted their perspective or are simply not human. That was the unanimous feeling held by business owners and attendees at the Ballina RSL early on Tuesday morning.

Paralympic Gold Medalist, recipient of a standing ovation for her TED talk ‘A Happy Baby’, Social Worker or girl from Rockhampton, whichever label you attach to Karni Liddell it is without doubt accompanied by the word amazing. The one thing that doesn’t define her is her diagnosis at birth of Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Karni shared an insight into the world of achieving goals beyond most people’s imagination. She also reminded us that, regardless of your situation and ‘the hand that you are dealt with’, people of all levels of physical ability need to pay the mortgage, do the shopping, feed the family and, most importantly, want to work.

Employers take note. Disability workers have already done the hard yards coming to terms with their disability – they are not defined by it and are eager to be active in the workforce. Karni’s mission as ambassador for EPIC is not to seek out special treatment for disability workers but more so to look for the ‘head-nodders’; those that get the point that disability workers, just like everybody else, need and want to work, to contribute and to be financially independent.

With similar events being held in Lismore, Grafton and a host of regional centres, EPIC continues to deliver the message that there is a lot of ability in the word disability. With a huge underutilized, dedicated and talented workforce available to the ‘head-nodders’, you’d be wise to join them, shift your perspective and give your business access to the total pool of talent available.

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