Information provided by the NSW Treasury obtained by Ballina MP, Don Page under the Freedom of Information Act shows the number of motorists booked on a daily basis at the Ewingsdale speed camera rose from 13 per day in October 2006 to a maximum of 129 per day in April 2007.

“The figures provided by Treasury clearly show the camera booking eight times more people than normal during the relevant period (i.e. March 28 to July 24), which prima facie indicates the camera was faulty during that time,” he said.

“The October 2006 and late July 2007 daily figures supplied by Treasury show an infringement rate of 13 per day compared to an average of 97 per day for the 28th March to 24th July period.”

“On these figures I do not believe the RTA’s assurances that the camera was accurate during this period,” Mr Page said.

“Add to this the number of drivers who have witnesses in their cars who swear the driver wasn’t speeding and we have a good prima facie case for an inaccurate camera during this late March to July period.”

“There is also the fact that these speed cameras are extremely well sign posted to alert motorists to their existence. I will be raising this new information in Parliament at the first opportunity because the implications for people falsely booked is not just the fines to be paid, but the points they lose, the loss of license by some drivers and the loss of jobs (because they need their licence) by some people as well.”

“In light of this information showing an abnormally high infringement rate during the time when the camera is believed to have been inaccurate, I call on the NSW Government to impose a moratorium on the imposition of speeding fines incurred during that period for three months while the whole matter is reconsidered.”

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