NSW Government Accused of Cosy CSG Relations


Opponents of coal seam gas say documents obtained by The Greens show there’s a cosy and collusive relationship between the State Government and the industry.

The emails from staff in the office of Resources Minister Chris Hartcher concern a production licence for Metgasco.

One has the company advising the minister that announcing approval would be premature and could have share-price ramifications.

Boudicca Cerese, from Lock the Gate, says she had her suspicions when the announcement was eventually made.

“Metgasco made the announcement, they actually announced this production licence prior to any of the government’s announcements of that same day,” she said.

“So at that time I thought there was obviously quite a cosy relationship between government and industry.

“But it certainly confirms those suspicions and they really show that the community has little basis for faith in the NSW Government when they are so obviously doing the bidding of industry.”

But Metgasco is denying the suggestions.

Managing director Peter Henderson says he knows nothing about the email.

“Look I can’t recall any of that, and I don’t know who the person was and I don’t know the circumstances under which they wrote it,” he said.

“But I think any independent person looking at the situation would have to say, if Metgasco has a problem it’s the fact that we have too little influence over the parliamentary processes.

“Let me assure you that the relationship between Metgasco and the government, and all coal seam gas companies, is very much at arms length.

“We’re not getting any special favours, and in fact I think you have to be living in a different world if you think that the NSW government is pro-coal seam gas.”
Source ABC News

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