New Push to Breathe Life into Lismore CBD


Lismore businesses are being asked to take part in a consultation aimed at shaping the future of Lismore’s central business district.

Throughout November, ‘place-making experts’ Village Well will be surveying business owners for ideas to activate and populate Lismore’s city spaces, including the new Lismore Quadrangle, CBD and riverbank.

The survey is part of a broader Lismore City Council community consultation which will also include Kitchen Table Conversations, a Place Vision Charrette for Lismore Quadrangle stakeholders and Listening Posts to capture the thoughts of local residents.

The consultation process is being coordinated by the Lismore Business Panel and the Lismore Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

LCCI chair Deborah Benhayon said the survey was an opportunity for businesses to put forward what they would like to see for the direction, growth and future of the CBD retail precinct.

The input would be fed into a specific plan that would guide how the CBD developers over the next five to ten years.

‘Both council and the LCCI recognise the importance and value of all businesses being part of this consultative process,’ Ms Benhayon said.

‘Now is the time to engage so that a diversity of views and opinions are gathered, ensuring Lismore continues to tap into its potential and grows with an economically prosperous future benefiting the whole community.

The feedback received from the various consultation methods will be used to create three strategies:

A CBD Retail Strategy to boost growth in the city centre. This will include recommendations relating to retail mix, physical improvements, programming and events for the CBD, marketing and new projects.

The Quadrangle Creative Placemaking Strategy to activate the new public town square and Lismore Regional Gallery site. This will include recommendations on the management of public events and programming within the quadrangle.

A Bridge to Bridge Masterplan and Plan of Management to restore the riverbank between the two CBD bridges. There will be one plan for the CBD side and one plan for South Lismore. These plans will include looking at opportunities for creating new attractions such as artists’ hubs, markets, more walking trails etc.

Ms Benhayon said with the opening of the new Lismore Regional Gallery and quadrangle in 2017 there is a great opportunity to strategically plan how best to use the new ‘town square’, the CBD and riverbank spaces into the future.

‘Recognising and appreciating how connected everything is in the Lismore region means we need input from the broader retail and business community such as those in SouthLismore and East Lismore, retailers at Lismore Shopping Square and further surrounding areas,’ she said.

‘Key for all sectors of the business community will be how to identify and leverage opportunities from activity in one area to create potential and support growth in another.’

The Retailer Survey is now online at until Friday, 11 November. It takes just five minutes.

Source: Echonet

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