Murwillumbah kicks Crime


Like most country towns in the Northern Rivers, Murwillumbah has its share of crime problems. Friday and Saturday night see shop windows being broken and pubs kick out drunken kids at the same time and that is when the street fights begin.

The same thing happens across the North Coast in places like Casino and Grafton.

The police station is not manned 24 hours, there is rarely anyone there much after office hours.

Therefore, we have taken matters into our own hands – not by vigilante group but by applying for Federal Government funding for a closed circuit camera (CCTV) system for the CBD.

Preliminary research was promising. Lismore Mayor Merv King reported that the Lismore system introduced in 1999 has been very effective in reducing petty crime in the CBD.

With council and police support we have applied for $80,000 in federal funding for an ‘Event Activated CCTV system’. These systems start recording when they detect movement and can be fitted with loudspeakers warning that the police have been called.

If successful our system could be up and running by Christmas, the biggest hurdle is the 40-page application form, we’d like to thank duty Senator Fiona Nash for her help with that. For more info see:

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