More Police More Effectve on Speed


New South Wales’ main motoring body says more police and less speed cameras is the answer to catching motorists doing the wrong thing.
The NRMA supports the State Government’s response to remove 38 of the state’s 141 cameras from roads after a report found the devices had little impact on road safety.
Eight are on the north coast but residents in Clunes want their speed camera to remain.
NRMA motoring and services president Wendy Machin says Clunes residents should call for a review of the decision but also insist on more police on local roads.
“If the local community is concerned then I think they should go back through their local channels, probably their local member, and have that particular site looked at,” she said.
“I don’t think that taking any of these cameras out should be seen as cart blanche to hoons to just go flat out.
“Cameras only catch people speeding in one spot. Our long held view is that if we have more highway patrols out and about they can pick up bad behaviour anywhere.”

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