Metgasco Says Reasons For Bentley Suspension 'Flimsy'


Metgasco’s managing director says the reasons given for suspending the company’s licence to drill at Bentley are flimsy.

Peter Henderson says the Office of Coal Seam Gas has refused to change its decision, despite a detailed submission from the company.

He says suggestions about how community consultation could be improved were totally inappropriate.

Mr Henderson says taking the matter to the Supreme Court is in the best interests of shareholders.

“Some individuals have made a very flawed decision and that’s human nature, people make mistakes,” he said.

“But they’ve caused us a lot of pain in terms of a cost of up to $3 million, we’ve got ongoing operating costs while we wait, our share price has suffered badly, our reputation’s been hurt.

“It’s unreasonable we think to ask the same group of people to review their decision.”

A spokesman for Gasfield Free Northern Rivers says Metgasco does not know when to quit.

Adam Guise says the company’s decision to take legal action in the Supreme Court is not unexpected.

He says if it is successful, further protest action is likely.

“It’s almost certain that the community will be back in huge numbers to protect their region from any invasive drilling practises that Metgasco want to undertake,” Mr Guise said.

“People are obviously alert, they’re already aware of what’s happening and they’ll be out there in huge numbers if Metgasco tried to put its toes back into the region.”

Source: ABC

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