Metgasco No CSG Extraction Plans for Glenugie


The energy company Metgasco has opened its gates for a media tour of its coal seam gas (CSG) test site south of Grafton.

The company said it is to provide more information about what it is doing at the Glenugie site. Drilling supervisor Craig Nairn said there have so far been no tests on water in the aquifers they’ve drilled through.

But he said he is confident there is no contamination an no CSG extraction is planned at the site in the near future. “At this stage, nothing,” he said.
“Once we’re finished, it’s going to be plugged and abandoned. So they’ll just test it, we drill to total depth, test the well and then fill it full of cement.”

Metgasco has acknowledged it needs to be more transparent about what is is doing at the Glenugie CSG test site. The company said it is only for testing and no extraction is planned in the near future. Metgasco spokesman Richard Shields said the project has government and landholder approval.

He said it is important to demystify what is happening at Glenugie but public forums are problematic.
“One of the difficulties that we have is that when we have an open forum, the open forum gets hijacked,” he said.
“It gets hijacked by anti CSG elements, they don’t allow us to have our say.
“That is why our consultation strategy is more focused towards small groups.
“We’ve had a number of sessions in Grafton where we’ve been talking to people in the community.”
Source: ABC News

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