Maddog Men Shut Shop After 40 Years


Maddog, the iconic surfing label started by John Morgan and shaper Mark Plater, is closing down after 40 years with the final sale continuing until this weekend at the Byron Bay Arts and Industry Estate.

Changes in the surfing business led to the decision to wind up Maddog but also at play was the original thinking that got the pair into the business.

“Back when we started, surfing was still a counter-cultural thing, and surfers were not the most popular members of the population,” said Mr Morgan.

“When we started you would rarely see anyone under 30 out in the surf. Now surfing has become a mainstream lifestyle pastime.

“Back then the idea was to have a business, but also to have the flexibility to shut up shop and go surfing if the waves were good.

“I have really loved having the business but I can do without all the bulls..t that goes with it.

“I’m stoked that I can get up in the morning and now all I have to worry about is where the fish are biting and where the waves are breaking.

“What I will say is that over the years we have had amazing support from the people of Byron and one of the things we are most proud about is how many people we have employed during the 40 years.

“It’s just been great to provide employment to so many people in such a cool industry.”

Source: Tweed News

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