Maclean Council Consider Supermarket Plan


A supermarket for Maclean is back on the Clarence Valley Council’s agenda.

The council has received an application to demolish an existing Clyde Street building and build a supermarket.

The council’s Des Schroder says the council received the application in June but more information was needed.

He says a major hurdle is Maclean’s lack of car parking.

“Because of the constraints in the centre of Maclean, which has been one of the ongoing issues with other proposals, then it’s up to the councillors to make some sort of decision on where they want to go as far as car parking goes,” he said.

“Mostly it’s zoned commercial so it’s okay, except there is one house on the site that needs to be rezoned if the proposal gets the go-ahead.”

Mr Schroder says a council committee has inspected the Clyde Street site and will make a recommendation to a meeting tomorrow.

“Because it’s against our development control plan, guidelines staff can’t make that decision,” he said.

“So it will be up to the councillors whether they want to look at a process where they provide some parking potential credits if you like or potentially contributions towards parking.

“There’s some access issues about how you get trucks in the site, but the main issue is the issue of the parking.”

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