Local Councils Appeal For More Money


New South Wales councils are renewing calls for the State Government to deliver more funding for them and eliminate rate pegging.

The Shires Association presidents Bruce Miller says councils cannot afford to repair and maintain roads and other basic infrastructure.

Cr Miller says the current funding simply does not match the responsibilities faced by councils.

He says Local Government manages 85 per cent of the state’s road network.

“We need firstly guaranteed funding for the future with a greater component in it from the Federal Government as far as Roads to Recovery is concerned,” he said.

“But then we need some increases in funding from the State Government in real terms, to allow us to get stuck in and get all of our roads up to scratch.”

Cr Miller says the State Government needs to get rid of rate pegging as councils statewide face an annual funding shortfall of six-hundred million dollars.

He says as a result many local roads are in a bad state.

“It’s very difficult to continue to just patch the patches in some cases so we do need a guaranteed stream of funding into the future to allow that backlog to be whittled away at,” he said.

“Certainly no more rate pegging, we do continue to advocate for that from both sides of politics.”

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