Lismore Plans its Own Solar Farm


Lismore City Council is looking to build its own solar farm.

Local mayor Jenny Dowell says the aim is to generate enough power from renewable sources to meet all the council’s needs by 2023.

She says unlike most councils, Lismore’s electricity use has fallen in recent years.

“So our first aim is to continue to reduce our energy usage,” Cr Dowell said. “Secondly to install solar panels, and we’re already starting to do that but we’ve got a lot more roof space where we can do that. The third aim is to produce a large-scale solar farm.”

“When we did Imagine Lismore, sustainability in all its aspects was a key driver for our community.

“When we did quite a few community consultations last year on this very subject, farming the sun, then there was also a great deal of community support.

“The possibility of a solar farm with community buy in was also discussed.”
Source ABC

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