Lismore park may be closed due to flying fox threat


The forecast hot weather has sparked concerns at WIRES Northern Rivers about the health of the flying fox colony in Lismore’s Rotary Park.

Lismore City Council have approve temporary closure of the area if temperatures exceed 40 degrees.

WIRES is monitoring temperatures and the health of the flying fox colony that lives in Rotary Park and has permission to rope off access if they feel the flying foxes are in danger of suffering heatstroke.

People disturbing the colony could exacerbate heat stress and dehydration, and WIRES believes closing the park is in the best interests of the native animals and the public.

It is well-known that flying foxes suffer heat stress and can even die if temperatures become too high.

The temporary approval for closure of Rotary Park will remain in place until heatwave conditions have abated.

Source: Echonet

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