Lismore Loves Diversity


The diversity of the community has topped the list of what Lismore residents love about their city.
The results of a recent community survey are in, with more than 400 written submissions received by the local council.
The responses will today be considered by a citizens’ jury of 30 residents, who will use the next three days to develop a future plan for the city.
The council’s Simon Adcock says residents see diversity and acceptance as part of the character of their city.
“There was a real clear message about the diversity of our community and just how friendly people are and how welcoming Lismore is,” he said.
“That was the clear top for what people love most about Lismore.
“There was a lot of talk about the shopping, the markets, the CBD.
“Another clear message was how much people love the natural environment.
“There’s been an international move towards what’s termed community governance, where it is really about handing some of the decision-making powers back to the community.
“Because they are the people who these things affect and they are the people most able to understand the challenges and what needs to happen in their community.”

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