Lismore Gathering Supporting Muslims in wake of Christchurch Terror Attacks


It is confronting to know that the perpetrator of the attacks in Christchurch was from our region. That the place we call home, that we believe is safe from such atrocious acts of violence, has bred a person who was not only capable, but willing and able to orchestrate and carry out such an attack on fellow humans.

Recognising the need to publicly stand up and say that this is not acceptable, that everyone should be safe from violence and that we all support each other in peace with respect and goodwill in our communities a public gathering is being organised for this Saturday in Lismore. Remembering and Healing Inc (RaH) are bringing together local leaders and the community to ‘come together to mourn, reflect and support each other after the recent terrible terror attacks in Christchurch. Everybody is invited to join with community leaders and the wider community in support of the Muslim community,’ said RaH coordinator Sabina Baltruweit.

‘These atrocious terrorist attacks affect all of us, they were an attack on our humanity and decency. We have to make sure that everybody, without exception, can always feel completely safe from violence in our country.

‘It is not sure yet if many from the local Muslim community will attend, as they are understandably very distressed and also very fearful. This is an extra reason for the rest of us to get together to signal publicly that we share the pain and distress, and that violence, hatred and poisonous racism is completely unacceptable, here, everywhere and always,’ she said.

‘Let’s imagine and create a community, a world, where mutual respect, support, goodwill and cooperation define public life. Let’s do it, starting now! Let’s not allow this horrible event to keep us separated.

‘Instead let us transform the horror of the experience into the turning point in our relationships. Reaching out for each other, regularly, and letting friendships, trust and goodwill grow strong.’

The gathering will take place from 2 till 4pm at Lismore Regional Library (Magellan Street) in the meeting room and the foyer.

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