Labor Calls for State Government to Hand Back Planning Power for West Byron


The State Opposition is calling on the government to allow the West Byron development to be determined by the local council.

The Byron Shire Council did not have the planning staff to consider the application when it was lodged in 2007.

The then-Labor Government assumed planning control two years later.

But the ALP’s candidate for Ballina, Paul Spooner, said the community does not want the decision made in Sydney.
The Byron councillor said if planning resources are a problem, the state could help out.

“That would be an issue if we get the all-clear from State Government to do that,” Cr Spooner said.
“It would be something for the general manager and the staff to have a look at…it’s not unusual if there’re not the resources within the council to be asking for some assistance from the State Government on an issue such as this I would think.”

“It could be along the lines of some special funding to look at extra planning staff to undertake the task of looking at the West Byron area under the rezoning proposal, and that would be sufficient to get it across the line.” he said.

Source : ABC News

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