Innovators and Inventors Converge in Byron


Inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs from around Australia will converge in Byron Bay for the Innovation Pipeline event from 28 to 29 of August.

The event, which will teach inventors how to use crowd-funding campaigns to test the market and fund their ideas, is part two of a three-part series created by Australia’s most high-profile inventor, Byron resident Ric Richardson, famous for taking on Microsoft and winning a multi-million dollar settlement for breach of his software patent.

Other speakers at Innovation Pipeline include Ted Esdaile-Watts and Braden Wilson from Cocreators Industrial Design, who created the hugely oversubscribed Ninja Sphere Campaign, which asked for $115,000 investment via crowd-funding website Kickstarter and raised $702,937. Founders of Zeoform, a startup that invented an ecomaterial made from cellulose fibres, who will share the hard lessons learned from their crowd-funding campaign, as well as Marcus Schappi from Geek Ammo who asked for $25,000 and created a backing of more than 20 times that with $573,760.
In a unique opportunity, up to three inventors will be selected to receive a case study analysis by a panel of experts on-stage on the second day of the event. One will be selected as a winner and will receive one-on-one mentoring and seed investment to assist with video development and marketing costs of a Kickstarter campaign.

As well as encouraging local inventors and entrepreneurs to attend this national event (ticket prices start from $35 to acknowledge the sometimes cash-strapped reality of start-ups), for the first time this year the event will offer a Trade Expo for local creative professionals to market their services to inventors.

The expo was an initiative of the local Regional Development office, to help creative businesses boost their profitability by finding clients outside the region.

RDA chief executive Kimmaree Thompson says the expo is an opportunity for local graphic designers, videographers, copy writers, illustrators and other creatives to showcase their skills to a national market.

“Our region’s local creative professionals have a lot to offer to help entrepreneurs launch savvy and slick Kickstarter campaigns, and once these working relationships are established, it’s likely to lead to ongoing work for creative professionals in the Northern Rivers,” Ms Thomspon says.

Arts Northern Rivers is managing the application process for the Trade Expo and early expressions of interest have been circulated among the Northern Rivers Creative online hub. Other established creative professionals who would like to attend the expo are encouraged to contact Arts Northern Rivers.

“Our region is home to the largest concentration of creative industries making us almost spoilt for choice in selecting participants for this Innovation Pipeline event,” Mr Wood says.

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