Despite her relative youth, Kudra Falla-Ricketts was announced as the Greens candidate for Page at a Greens press conference in Lismore this morning.

The seat is currently occupied by Kevin Hogan for the Nationals and was formerly held for six years by Labor’s Janelle Saffin.

Both Mr Hogan and Ms Saffin have announced they will run again.

A Greens candidate has never held the seat but fellow Greens member Adam Guise almost wrested the state seat of Lismore from long-time incumbent Thomas George (Nationals) last year.

Ms Falla-Ricketts, who grew up in the area, said it was ‘a great honour to be endorsed as the Greens’ candidate’.

‘We have a wonderful, vibrant community which I am passionate to represent,’ said Greens candidate,’ she said.

‘As a young person growing up in a regional area, I know what it’s like to miss out on opportunities that other people take for granted.

‘Our region has high unemployment and some of the most chronic health issues in the state. Access to free education is being dismantled through the sale of TAFE and the threat of $100,000 university fees.

Ms Falla-Ricketts said she wanted ‘to change the way we do politics. People are tired of the old dinosaur parties fighting amongst themselves, twisting the truth in their sound-bites and memes in an attempt to one-up the other parties rather than focusing on policy change and getting things done.

‘The corrupting influence of donations on our political system has to stop,’ she said.

‘With the recent coal seam gas win, we have shown what our region is capable of. We care about our community and our environment. Our government should be helping those in need, and caring for country.

‘We need to protect our precious farmland, water and climate. Our region has a bright future in renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and tourism. These industries create healthier and happier jobs that last.

‘As a young woman who is worried about my generation’s future, I know we need a passionate voice standing up for current and future generations,’ Ms Falla-Ricketts said.

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