Grapes of wrath at gaping path


Residents at Byron Bay drank an ironic toast this week to mark five years since a landslip closed half of the only road to the town’s iconic lighthouse.

Land beneath a pedestrian walkway collapsed during a storm, and despite state government funding being available the problem remains unfixed.

Protest organiser Allan Cowley says other councils in the state manage to fix their disasters, but the Byron Shire lacks the will.

“In Lismore I think they had a washaway last year and they repaired it within the year, in Sydney they had the washaway in Belluvue Hill Road and they had that repaired I think in 12 months if not sooner,” Mr Cowley said.

“The road is already here, it should be just a matter of putting the road through again,” he said.

“If you allow people to sit around in committees and get reports done and one thing and another, then that’s exactly what will happen, but if you want someone to build something quickly because the community wants it you can, you’ve just got to drive it forward,” Mr Cowley said.

Meanwhile, the Byron Shire Council says working with a number of state departments has made it difficult to move quickly on repairing the road.

The council’s Community Infrastructure Manager, Phil Holloway says environmental requirements and Roads and Traffic Authority regulations have delayed the process.

“I don’t believe that we’d have full completion by the end of this year, bearing in mind the four months in terms of contract period and we still have to get the RTA to sign off,” Mr Holloway said.

“So we’d probably have a contractor there possibly November, but I don’t believe we’ll be open for Christmas,” he said.

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