Govt Shuns Grafton Jail


The State Government’s decision to house adult prisoners at what was Kariong Juvenile Detention Centre shows their complete disinterest in further using Grafton Jail as a correctional centre, says Labor’s Shadow Attorney General Paul Lynch.

“The Government has just announced they’ll close Kariong at Gosford and reopen it for adult inmates,” Mr Lynch said.

“This is a pretty bizarre decision. It makes not much sense to turn a juvenile justice centre into an adult jail when you’re already got a perfectly good adult jail to use.

“On the other hand, closing Kariong for juveniles is reckless. The Government says it’s doing it because numbers of detainees are falling. Their problem is that that’s what the Government said about earlier closing adult jails – only to have the number shoot up above previous levels, leading to the current crisis in overcrowding.

“The Government’s diversionary schemes for juveniles have either been abolished, cut back or are failures. They are in no position to predict juvenile numbers won’t rise again.

“The Government’s handling of corrections policy has been chaotic. They’ve made a juvenile detention centre into an adult jail, while they’ve got a perfectly good adult jail not fully utilised.”

Source: Daily Examiner

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