Gold Coast Residents Ask Tourism Minister to Support Coral Not Coal


Coral not coal was the call of over 100 #StopAdani protestors on the Gold Coast this morning outside the office of minister for tourism and Liberal MP Steven Ciobo.

‘Burning coal is the leading contributor to climate change which is the number one threat to coral reefs. As the world heats up from the burning of fossil fuels, so too does our ocean and a hot ocean cooks our precious Reef,’ said Luna Derkley, spokesperson for Stop Adani Gold Coast.

‘The Great Barrier Reef is a national icon that supports 64,000 jobs and has been valued at a whopping $56 billion to our economy. Adani’s coal project, and the the eight other mines planned for Queensland’s Galilee Basin, will make things worse for our Reef.’

Stop Adani Gold Coast is calling for a commitment form the tourism minister to ‘protect the Reef and not use the Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (EFIC), Australia’s export credit agency, to prop up Adani and mining in the Galilee Basin.

‘The recent budget allocation of $444 million dollars to tackle water quality, crown of thorns starfish and breed more “resilient coral” fails to tackle the root cause – climate change,’ said Ms Derkley.

‘We can’t continue to roll out the red carpet to enormous polluting coal mines like Adani and expect to save our Reef.’

Meeting requested

A significant part of this mornings action was a campaign of contacting Steven through phoning, Facebooking, twittering and on Instagram etc to leave messages asking for his commitment to tourism, the reef and to not secretly use public money through the EFIC to prop up mining.

‘He is currently sitting so we haven’t had a response yet.’

Ms Derkley said that the Gold Coast Stop Adani group had requested a meeting several times minister Ciobo.

‘He asked for a list of questions which we have given him but so far he has refused meet with us.

‘Through this protest we wanted to show him that there were large number of Gold Coast residents who are concerned about this issue. Hopefully he will have a meeting with us in the next few weeks.’

Source: Echonet

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