Filling 1000 Jobs in 100 Days


Nortec Staffing Solutions is running a campaign in the Northern Rivers to place 1000 workers in jobs within 100 days and have almost reached their target.

The employment and industry training provider has already placed 911 workers into positions since the campaign began on August 1.

With just over a month to go in the campaign, Nortec is set to blitz last year’s mark of 984 positions

The campaign caters for a range of job-seekers, including those with disabilities.

Rachel Dow from Nortec said the campaign was a great way for employers to have positions filled.

“There’s a lot in this program for employers as we screen and job-match candidates,” Ms Dow said.

“There are subsidies and support for people in the program and no outlay for employers using job-active.”

The Richmond to Tweed area traditionally has a high unemployment rate with labour force figures indicating unemployment rates as high as 9.3% in August.

Ms Dow said the campaign not only tackled unemployment rates, but created a positive buzz around employment.

“There’s more energy (from the unemployed) about finding a job,” Ms Dow said.

David Harman from Nortec said there was work available in hospitality, admin, labouring and other areas.

The Dragon Cafe in Murwillumbah is just one of the businesses taking part in the campaign.

Two workers placed at the cafe, Sam Dodge and Zardi O’Connell, are thriving as a barista and waitress respectively.

“I’ve been a barista (previously) and I got the job on the same day I registered for the program,” Miss Dodge said.
Zardi had no previous experience in hospitality but is loving her new role, which has also been great for her lifestyle.

“Through the program, I have been able to stay here (Murwillumbah) with my kids, I’m very thankful,” Ms O’Connell said.

Dragon Cafe owner Lyn Keep said she couldn’t be happier with the campaign.

“Rachel is amazing, she has gotten me these two girls who have been great,” Lyn said.

Nortec is seeking chefs and there’s still time for job-seekers to register by contacting Rachel Dow on 0439 160 156, or by visiting

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