Extra NSW Budget Announcements 2014-15


In addition to the previously posted NSW State Budget summary the following trade and investment The 2014-15 NSW State Budget promises to support the NSW economy and drive job creation by investing in international trade, tourism, major events and small business.

$131 million will be invested in tourism, major events and business events across the State, including $58 million to secure major events and $47 million to support the growth of tourism in both regional NSW and Sydney.

In addition, the NSW Government will introduce a new $110 million Regional Tourism Infrastructure Fund, through Restart NSW, to deliver infrastructure works that facilitate regional tourism growth in NSW and increase the economic competitiveness of the State.

2014-15 will deliver $55.3 million of support through the State Investment Attraction Scheme and the Regional Industries Investment Fund, and $87 million for Resources for Regions, to build capacity and provide vital infrastructure to boost the State’s overall economic performance and drive economic growth in regional areas.

The Innovate NSW program will continue to support small and medium enterprises to collaborate with industry and end users to develop leading edge products and services with a further $3.9 million in 2014-15. $14 million will be delivered to support the Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner, including the Small Biz Connect program and dispute resolution services.

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