Crime Rates Fall Along North Coast


Coffs – Clarence, the Mid North Coast and the Richmond-Tweed LACS did not record any well-above average rates in any crime category in the latest regional crime figures.

Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOSCAR) Director, Dr Don Weatherburn, said the general trend in crime figures has been down.

“It is pleasing to see, and they do not seem to have suffered to the same extent with problems of indecent assault which have plagued other areas,” he said.

“The Mid North Coast did, but Coffs Harbour-Grafton didn’t seem to have that problem.

“Overall rates of crime, because of the drops that we’ve been seeing over the past 5-8 years, are way down on what they were a decade ago.”

Malicious damage to property is down almost 20 per cent and BOSCAR Director, Dr Don Weatherburn, said it is not an anomaly.

“It’s quite substantial,” he said.

“You wouldn’t get a drop like that unless there really had been a fall off in the incidence of that offence, so I don’t think this is just a case of fewer offences being reported.

“Most of this malicious damage to property is vandalism or graffiti, and I don’t know what it is, for one reason or another we’re getting a reduction in that and it’s good to see.”

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