Council Helps Developers of North Lismore Plateau


The Lismore Mayor doubts a council decision to pay for infrastructure in a major residential development will set a dangerous precedent.

The council has agreed to spend $24 million providing water and waste-water services to properties on the North Lismore Plateau.

Jenny Dowell said the development was crucial to the area’s future, and its sheer size meant the plan deserved special consideration.
“It has the potential for 1500 house lots,” she said.

“So it’s a particularly large development that’s been on the drawing board for a couple of decades.

“Certainly as long as I’ve been on council we’ve been discussing the potential for housing up there.

“So it’s an unusual development, and it’s an unusual response from council too.

“That was broached in the report, that this could set a precedent.

“We feel that it’s individualised enough that it shouldn’t be used as a blanket exemption if you like, or a special case for anyone else.

“But anyone is able to put a proposal through to council, and who knows what a council of the future might decide?”

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