Council Clamps Down on Illegal Campers


The Byron Shire Council wants to crackdown on illegal campers in residential streets.

Councillor Simon Richardson says one of the proposals being considered is wheel clamps on vans that are illegally parked.

He says there’s no point issuing fines many overseas visitors don’t pay up before they leave the country.

“There’s no point giving a fine if your not going to get paid for it,” Cr Richardson said.

“It’s just a waste of our rangers’ time, so this is an idea that I articulated being from Melbourne originally where in Melbourne if there are clearly articulated signs saying ‘do not park here’.

“If you park there you will get clamped, so you ultimately don’t get your car back until you pay the fine.

“We might be able to have a one 24-hour grace period or a space where vans can come and they’ve got one night to be able to stay there for free and the next morning they’re informed of where the free places are.

“So it’s still saying ‘hey we want you guys, we want you to experience what we’ve got, but like anything you need to give as well as take’,” Cr Richardson said.

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