Cost of Hospital Facelift Unknown


The state member for Lismore says it could cost as much as 150 million dollars to complete stage three of the Lismore Base Hospital upgrade.

Earlier this week the Coalition committed seven-and-a-half million dollars to the project.

Thomas George says that money will go towards renewed planning.

He says the plans drawn up in 2006 are no longer good enough.

“We need to have updated plans and costings to be able to then seek the funding to have stage three redeveloped.” Mr George said.

“Look I’ve heard figures ranging from 80 million to 150 million and that has been the problem, the community hasn’t had a specific amount to be able to take forward to seek the funding.

“The funding is (now) available then to the health service to be able to complete the plans and update them to what is needed at the Lismore Base Hospital, and I believe that could take three or four months… then continue to make representations to both state and federal government to make sure that we do get the funding,” he said.

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