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Composting System Launched by Local Inventor


After eight years of local product development and testing, a crowdfunding campaign for a unique composting system kicks off on Thursday, March 21 in the hope that it can become commercially built.

Unlike traditional compost, the Subpod is odourless, doesn’t harbour rats and flies, and removes roughly 80 per cent of the workload as it doesn’t require constant turning and soil distribution.

Developed ‘on the smell of an oily rag’ the invention by Andrew Hayim De Vries is already being used in backyards, eco-resorts, cafes, community gardens and residential development sites in Byron Bay, Sri Lanka, Melbourne and Sydney.

He says, ‘The Subpod is uber-stylish and already has the backing of high profile fashion brands like Byron-born Spell and Afends.

‘A custom built Subpod composting garden was built at Spell & the Gypsy Collective HQ last week.

‘We’re now fielding enquiries from as far afield as Central Africa, UAE and USA,’ said Hayim De Vries.

Compost Central is the ‘parent company’ to the Subpod. CEO Saadi Allan worked closely with the inventors of Flow Hive, Cedar and Stuart Anderson, to turn their invention into an international success story.

He says, ‘We hope to get 20,000 people composting with Subpod by the end of the year, turning their food waste into home grown vegetables instead of sending it to landfill.’

To find out more about Subpod online visit www.subpod.com.au.

Source: Echonet

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