Clarence MP Opposes Electricity Sell Off


The Nationals’ member for Clarence says he remains opposed to the sale of the state’s electricity poles and wires.

Coalition MPs have emerged from party-room meetings held today to discuss the issue, with the Premier keen to convince the Nationals of the merits of a sell off.

But Chris Gulaptis says he remains concerned about job security and potential price rises.

He says today’s star signs showed he was on the right track.

“I read Sagittarius today and it started off ‘somewhere in your world is something wrong being presented as something right’,” Mr Gulapris said.

“‘Is something bad being dressed up as something good?

“Is something inappropriate being viewed as something ideally suited to the needs of the moment?’

“There’s no good in selling the poles and wires as far as I’m concerned so that infrastructure can be built in the city.

“And even if the Nationals get a share, you’ll be building it to a ghost town because we need jobs, and we will lose jobs through the privatisation process.

“Of that I am sure.”

Source : ABC

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