Business Recycling Boost for Northern Rivers


Regional Development Northern Rivers is partnering with Resource Recovery Australia (RRA) who are creating a business to business waste recovery network for the North Coast. In the first of the NSW Environment Protection Agency – Industry Ecology Grants, RRA has received $270,600 to work with North Coast businesses to reduce waste to landfill.

Industrial Ecology conceptualises industry as a man-made ecosystem operating similarly to natural ecosystems. In nature the waste or by-products of one process are always used as inputs into another process. So, Industrial Ecology aims to create industrial systems that are not simply a linear process of mining and extraction through to landfilling, but systems that are closed-loop cycles, reusing waste as valuable inputs.
This inaugural program is part of the NSW Government’s Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy, investing in the transformation of waste and recycling in NSW. Over the coming year, Resource Recovery Australia will engage over 80 businesses to establish business-to-business relationships to reuse or process waste into resources, with the aim of diverting an ambitious 6000 tonnes of waste from north coast landfills.

The first meeting of the project was held in Port Macquarie and a second will soon be announced for Lismore.

Regional Development Northern Rivers, along with Regional Development Mid North Coast, are supporting partners in the project. This includes hosting the RRA facilitator, when in the region, and supporting project related events.
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