Budget 2016: Big Business or Battlers?


The 2016 Federal Budget has been condemned for putting the interests of big business over battlers.

Richmond MP Justine Elliott and Page hopeful, Labor’s Janelle Saffin, have both said that everyday Australians were the big losers in the Budget.

Their views were not shared by Page MP Kevin Hogan, who said the Budget ‘was great news for our community, local small businesses, job seekers and families’.

The tax cut for our over 10,000 local small businesses, which already employees tens of thousands of people, will help them grow and create even more jobs.

‘I’m also happy that the Government is targeting tax avoidance by multi-national corporations to make sure everyone pays their fair share of tax here in Australia. This will raise nearly $4 billion over the next four years,’ Mr Hogan said.

‘This budget will help young people in our community into work and create a career path for them through Skills Training and a Voluntary Internship, while being supported with the Youth Bonus Subsidy.

‘There is more money to fix our local roads, more money to replace our local aging wooden bridges.

‘We are also increasing funding for schools to $4.1 billion, an increase of 25 per cent over the next four years.

‘The Government is doing what it can to attract more GP’s to the Northern Rivers with a new grants program and will invest $1.7 billion to provide dental services in regional and rural areas.

‘I’m glad to see an additional $298.2 million over four years will be used to continue the battle against Ice, something I have been lobbying for since I organised a community Ice forum in Lismore.

Richmond’s Labor MP Justine Elliott argued that the Budget was clearly aimed at high-income earners.

‘This is a Budget that puts big business before everyday locals and puts high income earners before families, with tax cuts for millionaires but no tax cuts for locals earning under $80,000,’ Ms Elliott said.

She said the Budget included cuts to schools, Medicare, a GP tax by stealth and tax breaks for banks and multinationals.

‘Individuals who earn the most will get a double tax cut – someone on $1,000,000 will get a $16,715 tax cut while three quarters of Australian taxpayers receive absolutely nothing.

‘A couple with a single income of $65,000 with three children in primary school are $3,034 worse off a year – and receive no tax cuts.

‘A single mother with an income of $87,000 with two children in high school is $4,463 worse off per year.’

Labor’s candidate for Page, Janelle Saffin, said the Budget was obviously skewed to those not in need.

‘This Budget is not good news for the North Coast,’ she said.

‘There are tax breaks for people earning more than $87,000 but the medium income in Casino for example is about $32, 392.

‘There is no Gonski funding for schools, and there are cuts to Medicare and health funding.

Source Echonet

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