With large-scale development plans by the state government for Brunswick Heads holiday parks and reserves receiving less than positive responses, the Brunswick Heads Chamber of Commerce is remaining neutral.
The plans of management (POM) put on public exhibition late last year by the North Coast Holiday Parks (NCHP), and its manager Jim Bolger, attracted widespread criticism for attempting to evict the Buccaneer boat-hire business, close public access, erect fences and cram more cabins into allotments.
The Brunswick Heads Chamber of Commerce made a ‘lengthy, balanced, comprehensive and carefully considered submission’ on plans of management for the town’s three holiday parks and reserves.’
Chamber president, Peter Wotton, said, ‘We identified the areas that we supported and we also offered a number of suggestions for improvement, complete with alternative layout designs for each of the three parks.’
‘We believe our submission reflected the values and needs of those who work and play in Brunswick Heads and a number of our suggestions were incorporated into the new plans of management.
‘In line with our submission, we are pleased that the Terrace Holiday Park foreshore residents will be able to live in their present location.”
‘The new POMs for Ferry Reserve captured some, but not all, of our suggestions to create a holiday park that catered for groups with accessibility needs. We had requested that all four of the new cabins in Ferry Reserve be fully accessible, but this is not to be. However, at least the plans will incorporate accessibility features into the new recreational amenities.
‘With regard to the foreshore parks, our submission, which supported the community’s view that the car park area at the northern end of the Terrace should be shared with the public and that the playground be retained in its current shady location, was adopted. Further, our proposals for the upgrade of the amenities block in the Terrace Park and for there to be no structured pathway along the Terrace Park foreshore were also included in the POM.
Mr Wotton concluded with, ‘We highly value our low-key “simple pleasures” village lifestyle. We have always been a holiday town and we want to protect it by attracting visitors whose values are aligned with our community values.’
‘We will continue to work with the holiday parks in the future to ensure our “simple pleasures” vision is retained, and that the Brunswick Heads holiday parks remain differentiated from other holiday parks up and down the coast.’

Source: Echonet

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