Billion-Dollar Backlog in North Coast Road Funding - NRMA


The north coast’s sub-tropical climate is taking its toll on the local road network.

A report by the NRMA shows a $3.2 billion backlog in the infrastructure funding needed to make roads satisfactory across the state.

The report attributes almost a third of that shortfall to the area between Tweed and Great Lakes.

The motoring group’s Peter Khoury said the weather is a major factor.

“The north coast rainfall tends to be a lot higher than other parts of New South Wales, certainly in western New South Wales, and we know that consistent heavy rain is going to damage local roads,” he said.

“That increases the number of potholes that councils have to fix.

“The number seems significant, but that’s not to say that the work can’t be done.

“What we need to do is we need to get more funding from both the state and federal governments into local councils.

“A lot of these councils are cash strapped, and as a result they need extra support.”

Cr Williamson said he was not expecting any extra funding from the state or federal governments.

“There is the Roads to Recovery program, but funds are not increasing in that program as such,” he said.

“There are also the block grants from the State Government as well, but it’s fair to say there are all sorts of pressures on those funding streams as well.

“So there are some difficult decisions to make.”

Source: ABC

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