Ballina's Marine Tower Rescued


The Member for Ballina, Tamara Smith says bipartisanship was behind the funding for a new marine tower at Ballina.

The New South Wales government will match Tamara Smith’s funds to provide the final amount needed for the $2.1 million tower to be built.

“I am sure this news will come as a great relief to the Ballina and wider community, particularly those who’ve been campaigning for a new tower for over a decade.”

She said getting the funding has been a team effort.

“I’ve been able to give $200,000 of the community building partnership and the government has matched that with me, I have been able to work with the Premier and the Minister on this and to get the funding,” Ms Smith said.

Now it will be up to the Ballina Shire Council to get the tower plans approved, something the Ballina MP hopes will be fast-tracked.

“I’m hoping to catch up with the general manager of the council so they can try and get on the books for the councillors I think it’s the 29th of October for the council to just approve because they have got the money now there should be nothing holding it back,” Ms Smith said.

“I’m delighted to have delivered this important facility and will continue to ensure our community gets the support it needs”

“May the Tower lean on no longer, and let the building begin!”

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