Arson Attack Takes Out Phone Lines


Police in Grafton are investigating an arson attack on Telstra property over the weekend which disrupted telecommunications services between Sydney and Brisbane.

Early hours on Saturday morning vandals lit a small fire in a manhole at South Grafton that contained Telstra fibre optic cables.

Telstra Countrywide says the incident affected over 2,000 broadband services and 6,000 landlines.

Regional manager Michael Sharp says the fire also took out the Sydney to Brisbane link, but that was quickly restored.

“We’ll definitely be assisting the police to find out who was responsible for this,” he said.

“It’s really just a senseless act of vandalism that’s impacted on a lot of people.

“It’s certainly a large cost to Telstra and those business customers and consumer customers who use our services.”

Mr Sharp says repair work is continuing and local services should be back to normal today.

“We’ve been working throughout the night and all over the weekend to restore the services,” he said.

“We’re at the stage where we’ve got most of the services.

“When the damage occurred there was about 6,000 fixed lines, 18 mobile towers and over 2,000 broadband services that were off air.

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